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At the time of its reorganization, Marccus Vagen had recently claimed the Stealth Project ship, a Joint Galactic Alliance and Metorian Alliance collaboration, under abandoned ship salvage laws. The GA almost immediately became hostil, while the Metorians took the opportunity and created a strong alliance with the newly formed USI. Shortly after its creation, USI made strides in reactivating many abandoned Preserver outposts and stations, as well as claiming a few other previously unsalvaged stations and rebuilt them for its own use. Among those, and most notably was the Massive Star station Tryst and Galaxia.
The Unified Space Intelligence is a Military Faction, reorganized by Marccus Vagen and Kerok Seccour under the direction of the near extinct Preserver Faction of the Expletuns. It is known that the USI has actually existed longer as a front for Preserver activities who often use the USI to accomplish tasks they no longer have the man power to do themselves, despite having a vast superior technological advantage. USI Claims to exist as a force to deal with the Darkarian infestation problem which plagues nearly every species and faction of the Galaxy.
# Introduction Unlike most militaries, USI is a military that is functionally not attached to a civilian government. Officially the Unified Space Intelligence is a military branch of the Expletun faction known as the Preservers, however given their near extinct / defunct situation and near non-presence in the galaxy this is most often not understood. Despite this, USI doesn't operate under the ranking structure in which most militiaries do, namely in regards to non-commissioned and commissioned officers. There is no non-comissioned officer rank structure and all officers go through the exact same training. # Ranks ## Recruit * Recruit ## 2nd Class Officers * Cadet * MasterChief * Warrant ## 1st Class Officers * Ensign * Sub Lt. * Lt. ## Senior Officers * Lt. Commander * Major * SubCommander ## Command Officers * Commander * Captain * Fleet Captain ## High Command Officers * Star Admiral * Admiral * Fleet Admiral * Major Admiral
## Science and Research ![alt text](/static/images/db/29/2940a249d50bef8cff85477373807a4575f9753f0e35b8f090ecbcdf115e1304_thumbnail_small.png) Sciences are charged with the knowledge and skills with space phenomenon and physics speculation. They research the why's of the universe and offer speculation as to why it works. Sciences exist as the core of development of all major technology and understanding of the universe. ## Operations and Development ![alt text](/static/images/db/99/9916e7515ab30786027ad636648653021b4b8a7b0b0caa5dccd63fe2db5b5630_thumbnail_small.png) Operations are the core of the USI. They are the Engineers, Mechanics, Computer Programmers, the Cleaning Crews, the Maintenance Crews, the cooks and all the random jobs around USI that make a ship and station run the way they do. Their jobs are often unseen and unappreciated. They are the largest of USI Departments. ## Medical ![alt text](/static/images/db/f8/f8a6ad441e4a97a63221ca65c8511a7adda832abfd8eb2115c08c841010182d7_thumbnail_small.png) The Medical Facilities on any USI ship are charged with providing health care to the ship's company and all attached personnel. The extended nature of many starship voyages, as well as the hazardous nature of the USI duty, can make this a considerable challenge. Also, the diverse range of life forms in USI, as well as on various destination planets, dramatically increases the scope of the task. ## Navigations ![alt text](/static/images/db/83/833ff055fd2d4994d0403c6cf12a6098c36739f7a2f39df79df2fafd3cb2871c_thumbnail_small.png) They are in charge of piloting spacial crafts like starships and SFC, and plotting courses. While their skills may seam basic, they require a lot of fine tuning an more than just experience to make for the best pilots and Navigators. The position is also one of the most important, as everyone rely on good skills to take the ship out to space, and back home again in one piece. ## Security / Tactical / Intelligence ![alt text](/static/images/db/48/487b37440f15f5b761147c3ad6d69377a7fa38d0d3225949cb95ec6f5dc9caea_thumbnail_small.png) Security provides for the security, defense, and justice, and Intelligence of USI. They are also in charge of providing safety and aid to anyone who needs it. ## Aegis ![alt text](/static/images/db/15/15bdce4da51e39f83bef954c982e56f9db04821dc0694cb7eb1214945e3bdd71_thumbnail_small.png) Aegis is USI's Combat Centered Division. With its training and equipment focused on Combat and Warfare, they protect and defend USI. ## Command ![alt text](/static/images/db/a1/a1346277baff689226f065b575c74151dae88f475c822312cc9f273e80e3c8af_thumbnail_small.png) Command is the authority heirarchy of USI. After completing command school Commander Elite's have the option of going through and becoming part of USI's command and authority. These positions starting with First Officer : First Officer, Captain, Task Force Command, Fleet Force Command, and many others. These positions also have other sub positions, many which are desk jobs, others are hands on in the field. While not always combat oriented, command will often find themselves in command and in combat.
## Ships Starting at the basics, we have ships. Ships are comprised of its crew, SFC's, Aegis Infantry (Marines), shuttles, Heavy Combat Gear, and other types of Vehicles and personnel. ## Task Forces Task Forces are lead by Task Force Commanders and are comprised of 13 ships. 8 are Misc ships from the base of the fleet, 4 are Support Ships (Ordinance, Medical, Experimental, supply or Special) and the High-Command (HiComm) Carrier. The 8 ships can be of any size and my include the support ships. Task Forces are generally geared towards areas of expertise and will be configured to accommodate those purposes. ## Fleet Forces Fleet Forces are lead by Fleet Force Commanders and are made up of 4 Task Forces and a Major-Command (MajComm) Carrier. The MajComm carrier is usually larger than the HiComm carriers. Fleet Forces are configured with Diversity in mind for the area of operations with its operating theater details taken into account (Environment, history, etc.) There are several Fleet Forces in Operation where its Task Forces are all configured for Combat. ## Stations Fleet Forces are Assigned to Stations where another Admiral oversee's the operations of the Fleet Forces and their Task Forces. Stations operate under the direction of the Fleet Admiral. The Fleet of USI is Commanded by Fleet Admiral Kealan Sells. ## The USI Star Corps Every Fleet Force and the Separate Division of USI operate under the USI Star Corps. The USI Star Corps is Commanded by the Major Admiral, Currently Major Admiral Kerok Seccour.
Uniforms for the crew will be based off of their position. This is to ensure maximum functionality of the uniform for the officer. There will be three basic uniforms. * Dress Uniform Formal attire for all Officers of the Unified Space Intelligence. These are used for occasions such as formal meetings and diplomatic conferences as well as other civil services, religious, weddings, etc. * Active Duty Uniform Generic Non Specialized uniform worn by those who do not require a uniform beyond the scope of their current duty. All officers have this uniform, and wear it while on duty when not performing a special task. Example : A pilot who is in class, a non formal meeting, briefing, training, will wear this uniform instead of his flight suit, which is worn only when flying a SFC, shuttle, or other similar craft. Engineers would wear this when doing standard operations such as computer input, or systems simulations, instead of their specialized uniform which would be worn when inside a Soliton Matrix, or repairing a PEC Strip array or other higher task. Any officer would wear this when going through SVAPA training or simulations. * Department Uniform Designed seperately for each department in order to meet the needs of that department for highest productivity. Pilots and Navigators would wear flight suits when actually flying a SFC, Shuttle or similar craft. Infantry would wear this when going into a combat situation, but not when doing basic training or simulations. Engineers would wear possibly a hazmat suit or other protective gear when dealing with the ship.
USI's Fleet consisted of about 150 thousands ships, however after the Darkarian attack this number was reduced down to 3000 ships. Not all of these ships are Combat enabled. Most of USI's Legendary Ships did survive the attack however because of their exceptional crews. Ships are assigned to a Task Force under which they directly operate in. There are 13 ships to a task foce, which typically make up 8 Ships of varying degree, 4 Ordinance Ships, and a HiCommand Cruiser. There are four Task Forces in a Fleet Force, which is lead by a MajorCommand Cruiser. This gave USI around 2830 Fleet Forces. Since the Darkarian Attack, USI currently has 56 Fleet Forces. HGC's, SFC's, shuttles and other smaller ships are assigned on a per ship basis and often are not assigned to a Task or Fleet Force individually. [[toc]] ## Ship Class Information |Series|Rating|Class|Range|Crew|Aegis|Speed|SFC|Role|Combat| |---------|---------|-------|---------|-------|--------|--------|------|------|----------| | Jument | LIS | Carrier | Long | 10k | 1500 | .35ly | 50 Wings | FF | yes |