[[TOC]] # Start Here USI stands for Unified Space Intelligence. It is a fictional organization in a Fictional universe created by Kriss Orton with contributions by many other people. This website represents two things. The first is information about this universe. The Second is information about joining a group of others who write about this universe. This is done via email in what is called Play-By-Email. Because we assume the role of characters in this writing, this is a Role-Playing-Game. This portion of the site was created because we understand how extensive (and still growing) the information about the Universe on which you wish to participate in is. This area should hopefully be basic and plain enough to get you started. As you begin to immerse yourself into the game, the rest of the site will begin to be less daunting and mean more to you as a player. # History USI's History is long, of which we only tell a brief and pertinent account of events. We encourage everyone to take the time to read what we have, and more will be added . To get started here is what you need to know. Of the Milky Way Galaxy, one of the oldest races known are the Expletuns. Long ago before most civilizations developed enough for space travel, they fractured politically and created two factions. The Preservers and the Darkarians. This occurred after a major war and their numbers were already few. The Preservers went on to try and preserve life in the Galaxy, and the Darkarians left and later changed themselves physically to the point where they no longer resembled Expletuns. This faction was now their own Species, who were bent on Galactic Domination. In order to protect the natural way of life in the Galaxy, the Expletuns created the USI and charged two individuals to lead it against the Darkarians. These two were Marccus Vagen and Kerok Seccour. Soon after USI was beginning to grow and gain allies, Marccus Vagen was killed by the Darkarians and Kerok Seccour assumed full responsibility for the USI. Nine years later, the Darkarians were now very distraught at USI's ability to force a status quo state regarding the Darkarians and their expansion and conquer, launched a massive attack and all but obliterated USI's forces leaving a handful of ships and a few already abandoned stations. # Galaxy The Galaxy is divided into three sections, called Trisectors. They are Delta, Zeta and Omega. Earth, for reference is in the Omega Trisector. There is also a Rim, an outer ring often uninhabited or politically claimed, and a Core, which consists of densely packed stars and immense nebulae plasma fields. The exact center of the Galaxy yields a black hole, which has a LightGate built around it. A lightgate is a transportation gateway which produces a wormhole-like portal between another lightgate. The other lightgate is on an artificially attached sister galaxy which is usually unseen by conventional equipment due to its close proximity. The two galaxies spin in parallel conjoined by the lightgates creating a column of newly formed stars. The Expletuns created the lightgates and conjoined the two for a purpose not yet understood. The below image shows the political map of the Alpha Spiral (the Milky Way Galaxy) the second image shows a crude model of the two galaxies relationship. # Technology There are many similar technologies which are like common science fiction universe. Energy weapons, Torpedo's, missiles, fighter craft, and a variety of sized ships are available. Other things such as Anti-Gravity and Faster than Light flight exist, however use a creative application of physics to explain how it is done. Faster than light flight (FTLF or Translight Velocity, TLV), for example is achieved through repeatedly bending and warping space, rather than ignore the Theory of Relativity or place the ship in a bubble. TLV requires the use of working sub-light engines. Other craft can even piggy back on a ship who is bending space if they do not themselves have a TLV enabled mechanism. # Factions USI is considered the good guys. When playing you will largely assume the role of a USI officer. While USI is not a normal faction, it is still considered military, though without a associated or supportive Government. Darkarians are the only true antagonist. Considered by everyone to be evil, they act in such a way that this is universally accepted. Galactic Alliance, Star Command Militia are two Terran (From Earth) based factions which neither lend themselves to being good, or bad. Depending on a point of view they are both. **In** game the GA have declared war on the USI (they are also being corrupt by the Darkarians) and the Star Command Militia is in, more or less, a cold war state with infrequent skirmishes which all go off the record. The Chosen; Akerians, Nephatsu, Metorians. Considered allies of the USI and largely good. They are genetic creations of the Expletuns prior to their split into Darkarian and Preservers. They often have agenda's which seam to conflict with USI's but in general exhibit good behaviors. # Species The original database of species numbered quite large, currently available on site are only the main species. Of these, the main focus concentrates around the Expletuns, the Darkarians (as they are now physically altered from their original Expletun form) the Chosen, the Orrin, and the Terrans. The others play a significent role in the universe, but not as much as these. The Darkarians have specifically developed into a unique and complex system of sub-species and symbiont relationships. Choosing a species can be daunting when presented with many choices. Popular and common choices are : * Terran (Earth) * Mukosen (Small Elf-like) * Jacindare * Jerrusian * Mesans (Thinker-like race) * Fealyn (Cat-like) * Weren (Werewolf) * Wraith # Psionics Psionics is the term used for extra abilities, or more scientifically abilities which exist on another dimension. There are many dimensions that are able to be detected using traditional perception. Consider a two dimensional sentient being who encounters a three dimensional being. The two dimensional being can only perceive the three dimensional being on its own capabilities, and will perceive it as a two dimensional being. Albeit, one that exhibits unusual behavior compared to his other two dimensional buddies. So, to the uneducated these abilities often appear as magic. Technology is even built for enhancing or dampening the effects of Psionic abilities. Abilities range from Telepathic type abilities such as telepathy and telekinesis to the clairvoyance of prediction and even controlling the elements such as Fire, water, air, and earth - among others. # How To play Game play is conducted by free submission (meaning you can submit whenever you wish, out of order, etc) email to an email list. This submission is a story format addition to the running plot. The submission is called a post. It is recommended you read through the entire [[RPG:How_to_Play|How to play]] page to avoid any confusion about how it is preferred emails are formatted. # Rules A few basic rules ensure that everyone gets along. Firstly, everyone posts count unless they directly contradict. The list moderator will determine which line to follow if the two are greatly different. In general, the first post that made it to the list is the post that is taken should a contradiction arise. The second is that no vulgar language is to be used. Vulgar language is commonly overused, even if a very real part of life(tm). It only muddies up the writing and is strongly enforced. We understand that the quality of speech and dialog has changed drastically over the last 20 years but this is no excuse for poor and degraded writing. This is to maximize the quality of writing and the environment. Not everyone appreciates colorful metaphors. The Third is that you may not control, speak for, and alter any character but your own. This means like maiming them, killing off their family, or changing their hair color. It is recommended that you read through the entire [Rules of Play] (/rules-of-play) for the details regarding etiquette some more advanced how to play topics such as Psionics and how many characters you may play. Legal-like rules are available on the [[Terms_of_Service|Terms of Service]] which describes the Code of Conduct. # Join All that is left is to join the game. Use the [this link](/register) to join USI. It uses the old websites form so don't be alarmed about the change of the site.